Sunday, June 7, 2009

PHONIC is back again for round two @ the arthouse. The return of phonic crew bring an equally matched line up similar to the one that shook up the Arthouse in May. This venue offers nothing less of the best in cutting edge sound, lighting and visuals creating the perfect setting for every partygoer. Phonic is spread across 2 rooms with an outside smoking area, public transport and luxurious accommodation only a few feet away. Our patrons find everything they require at the one convenient location.

This time round our line up includes some of the most talented local and national producers/deejays who all seem to be creating a mark for themselves!


As the sun sets over the city skyline two lone figures lurk in the shadows of twilight, preparing their assault on an unsuspecting club land recovering from the weekend and approaching the mid week.

From within the confines of their Surry Hills studio/hideout, the sounds of the new club revolution can be heard echoing over the rooftops, throughout the city and deep within the hearts of our two heroes.

Across the globe the Hump Day sound has not gone unnoticed with The Utah Saints dropping their remixes on Annie Nightingales BBC Radio 1 show and the Stanton Warriors, Malente and Tittsworth all becoming followers of the church that Hump built.

Locally their ghetto inspired party jams have been getting major support from the likes of Ajax, Aston Shuffle, Kid Kenobi, Trashbag Djs. Whilst The Potbelleez raved from the rooftops about the Humps’ reworking of their club anthem ‘Don’t Hold Back’ into a sweaty Baltimore bangin mess, the kids hit the dancefloor to jump & shout.

This dashing duo are quickly becoming blogosphere darlings, with Hump tracks, edits and remixes popping up on Palms Out Sounds, Scattermish, DanceWithMyDaddy, and Trashbags DJs. Just type ‘Hump Day’ into Hypemachine…you’ll see.

The Hump Day Project; pulling their caps down and a little to the right since 2007.


Glass Mirrors are rad kids from down Melbourne town. The original purveyors of the goon party, their shows usually end up in sweaty nakedness, usually from the b******s.
According to them they are the aural equivalent of your newborn child's coke addiction because you couldn’t stop racking up while pregnant you irresponsible parent... but yes they are actually quite good at the disc jocking.

Having recently supported acts in the last few months such as Passions, Le Caslevania, Shazam, Van She Tech, Dre Skull, Lady Gaga, Danger, Grum, Strip Steve plus many more and having played after parties for the likes of Tiesto, multiple Ministry of Sound tours and a load of other shit, they know how to throw down some serious gay in the bum.
They run some loose parties in the city of Melbourne too. On top of all this cool they make tracks, not to mention touching other people's songs in very inappropriate places.
They also ran a totally rad blog on the inter webs. Having said all this they are self confessed "scene DJs' obsessed with all things fashion related and they also hate all jocks.
They will be touring Sydney this year and everyone should come grind with them when they do.


Dj/Producer R!M!E who will be playing main stage has done many remixes and productions. One who is getting recognised for his phenomenal talent, most notably his pulsating bassline remix of Mars by Fake Blood that was used by Fake Blood himself in his "Essential Mix" for BBC1 Radio in the UK gaining world wide recognition. R!M!E! is consistently producing new music and keeps his fans wanting more. This new comer is definitely turning a few heads with his mash up party tunes.






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